Mini DX Pedition to Kadyshevo: November 2007

Last update 18 Nov 2007

Topo map from maptatarstan.narod.ru

On 5 November 2005 me and Alexey Kulinchenko went to Alexey's summer cottage to listen to some DX. There are several antennas permanently deployed there. We used my Sangean ATS 909 for listening. Cottage is located next to Kadyshevo village, in the outskirts of Kazan. See the map on the right (click it to enlarge). Map has been taken for non-commercial use from maptatarstan.narod.ru.

Weather conditions: a bit of snow cover on the soil (it snowed a day before). Temperature outside was 2 degrees below zero (the same value inside initially, until Alexey kindled the fire).

Terrain conditions: slope going down in the north direction.

No electricity in this and nearby cottages in this season of year. The massive 6-volt accumulator battery (weight about 10 kg) was used during the former DX peditions, but now it is discharged. We decided not to search for a high intensity current charger; instead, we simply bought 4 Energizers for my Sangean 909 (and also some more good batteries in reserve). Looks like the decision was a right one; batteries performed quite well/

- EWE, 8 meters high, 8 meters long. Directed to NE / SW.
- sloped triangle 10 x 10 x 10 m, fed from the upper point. The horizontal side, that is 2 meters above the ground, looks to the south.

We listened to SW until 1100 UTC, then moved to MW. Sunset propagation permitted to listen to many Chinese/Korean/Japanese mediumwave stations. Only a few Indians were discovered.

All times are UTC. Local time in Kazan is UTC + 3 hours in winter. Local sunset was at 1257 UTC that day.

Online version of the Pacific-Asian Log, which is now at www.radioheritage.net, was used for Asian stations identification.

The log, sorted by frequency, follows below.

558 Xinjiang PBS (China), 1255, in Uighur, commercials, 34333.
Audio recording 1 (198 kB)
Audio recording 2 (196 kB, at 1259 and into the top of the hour)

603 KBS 2 (Korea, station HLSA), 1248, lively talk. Suffered from heterodyne whistle caused by local NDB on 602 kHz. We had to move to 605 kHz, otherwise the sound was too boring. 43433.
Audio recording (382 kB)

711 KBS 1 (Korea, station HLKA), 1210, male voice, weak, 13311.
Audio recording (196 kB)

720 KCBS (North Korea), 1213, talks in Korean, male and female voices. 34333.
Audio recording (186 kB)

774 tentatively Hubei PBS (China), 1215, announcements with background music. 24422.
Audio recording (225 kB)

801 Voice of Han (Taiwan), 1304, female talk and music bridges. Parallel to SW 9745 kHz. Interfered by transmitter in Tajikistan with presumed Dari service of Radio Liberty. Both had signal strength S=2.
Audio recording (132 kB)

819 KCBS (North Korea), 1307, serious talks in Korean, male voice.

837 most probably CNR1 (China), 1310, in Chinese, 34333.
Audio recording (116 kB)

882 TWR via sri Lanka, 1335, language not identified. Decent signal, 43433. Talk, male voice.
Audio recording (222 kB)

945 CNR1 (China), 1155, in Chinese, 34333. Surely parallel to 11925 kHz.
Audio recording (174 kB)

972 KBS Liberty 1 (Korea, station HLCA, educational program), 1314, 33333. Interfered by transmitter in Tajikistan; language during talks over it sounded like Pashto, but apparently only music is mixed with HLCA in the recording below.
Audio recording (119 kB)

981 UNID Chinese station, 1110, dialogs in studio. Definitely not Voice of Han, as completely non-parallel to 9745 kHz. It might be CNR1, by the way, see below.
Audio recording (170 kB)

981 CNR1 (China), 1208, talks in Chinese. 44333. This time we had the chance to compare the program against 11925 kHz, and both were found identical. Maybe the same CNR1 was catched here at 1110.

999 tentatively Liaoning Jingji GD (China), 1145, two women in studio. 34333.
Audio recording (330 kB)

1017 China Radio International, 1146, in Korean, 43433.
Audio recording (251 kB)

1071 a Chinese station; tentatively Tianjin News Channel, 1339, female talk, music, phone call-in or a report. 34433. Mixed with another weaker Chinese.
Audio recording 1 (236 kB)
Audio recording 2 (304 kB, a minute later)

1089 tentatively Liaoning PBS (China), 1115. Other possibilities discarded, as the program was unparallel to both CNR1 (SW 11710, 11925 kHz) and CNR6 (SW 9170 kHz).
Audio recording 1 (363 kB)
Audio recording 2 (118 kB, at 1121)

1116 a station in Chinese and Radio Kashmir (Srinagar, India), both with SINPO 33333.
Audio recording (122 kB)

1170 KBS World Radio, 1059, closing of Korean program, starting with Russian service at 1100. Quite legible at first (33322), but then faded out, clearing the way to VoA Chinese service from transmitter in the Philippines.
Audio recording (353 kB)

1179 UNID Chinese, 12.17, woman enthusiastically spoke, another man in studio briefly echoed. Was Hubei mentioned there???
Audio recording (293 kB)

1206 Yanbian PBS (China), 1153, in Korean, 32332. Heard here a couple of years ago as well.

1242 Nippon Hoso (station JOLF, Japan), 1106, jolly conversation, male/female voices. 44343.
Audio recording (183 kB)

1296 Voice of America via Kabul (Afghanistan), 1150, in Pashto, 34333.

1323 a station in Korean, but most probably from Chinese territory, 1151. Might be CRI (but misses from schedule) or Jilin PBS, located not far from Chinese-Korean border. 34322.
Audio recording (188 kB)

1341 Qazaq Radiosy (Kazakhstan), 1222, nationally-colored pop music, followed by a call-in by a childish (?) voice. 24433.
Audio recording (232 kB)

1350 Tongliao PBS (Inner Mongolia, autonomous region of China), 1143, male talk. 24322. Identified with help of Victor Rutkovskiy and Sergey Nikishin.
Audio recording (275 kB)

1386 UNID Chinese, 1128, song, announcements.
Audio recording 1 (429 kB)
Audio recording 2 (279 kB, at 1135)

1404 tentatively Hubei PBS, 1139, female voice speaking Chinese. 24322.
Audio recording (265 kB)

1413 KBC Fukuoka (JOIF, Japan) mixed with Uighur program of Xinjiang PBS (China), 1236. Talks on both stations, SINPO 43433 and 32422 respectively.
Audio recording (345 kB)

1440 weak signal in Japanese (JOWF Sapporo?) deep under Radio Zvezda (St.Petersburg, Russia), 12.39. Japanese station came with SINPO 21331.
Audio recording (258 kB)

1467 KBS 1 (Korea, station HLKN), 1241, 34333.
Audio recording (302 kB)

1566 HLAZ (Korea) in Chinese, 1127, male speaker. 14311. Significantly better at re-check at 1141, when SINPO improved to 34333.

1593 tentatively CNR1 (China), 1108, talks in Chinese.

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4800 CNR1 (China), 0940, conversation by men and women in studio, in Chinese. 25232. Quite an early opening of the tropical 60 meter band.

4810 most probably Armenian Public Radio, 0941, song in the USSR style, 15221.

5810 WEWN, 0727, religious talks in English by a man, 25332.
Audio recording (82 kB)

5835 WHRI, 0725, talks in English, religious style. 25232. Identified with help of Sergey Nikishin.
Audio recording (95 kB)

5965 Vatican Radio, 0742, news and comments in English (..Vatican Radio World News..). Interval signal and carrier cut at 0744. Schedule says that Arabic broadcast must start at 0745; probably we left the frequency just before the transmitter returned to life again.
Audio recording (449 kB)

6150 two Chinese-speaking stations, 1051. We presume those were CBS Taiwan and jamming against it with a domestic CNR program. SINPO 42442 for both. Singapoer not hear at all, by the way.
Audio recording (122 kB)

6165 UNID station, 1042, songs and announcements in an East Asian language (not Mandarin dialect, we believe). 33443. As far as we know, CNR6 begins its broadcasts here at 1200, while Hmong broadcast of the Voice of Vietnam starts at 1130. That's a riddle.
Audio recording (201 kB)

6175 CNR1 (China), 1037, talks in Chinese. 34333.

6185 UNID station, 1032, female voice speaking. 23332, mixed with music from another station. Main candidate is Radio Thailand, scheduled here in Thai at 1000-1100; while music might belong to China Huayi BC.
Audio recording (298 kB)

6195 Radio Rossii, 1029, announcements and music. 24222, Transmitter in Ulan Ude.

6250 Pyongyang BS (North Korea), 0943, a solemn song. 33433, interfered by digital communications.

7105 Radio Tirana, 0752, radio drama in Albanian. 43443. ID in a minute or two after 0800.
Audio recording (159 kB)

7140 BBC, 0919, in Arabic via Cyprus. Weak and fluttering signal, 22422, mixed with a station with opera-style songs (North Korea???).

7165 Nei Menggu PBS (China), 0917, a woman in Chinese, music. 35333.

7190 China Radio International, 0916, in Chinese, female speaker. 22432, badly interfered by another Chinese Dragon Opera that jammed CBS Taiwan on 7185 kHz.

7210 Nei Menggu PBS (China), 0909, news in Mongolian read by a man, mentions of Pakistan.
Audio recording (243 kB)

7230 Xinjiang PBS (China), 0908, male speaker in Mongolian, 53443, bothered by either RTTY or fax. There was another weaker station in Chinese as well presumed CNR1 via Xian.

7235 Belarussian Radio 1 (?), 0853, with songs by national singers/groups. WRTH and DBS-9 say that transmitter in Mahilou uses this frequency during the winter season. Power is 5 kW.

7240 Xizang PBS (China), 0907, male talks in Chinese. 32432.

7245 Channel Ovozi Tojik (Tajikistan), 0847, national pop music, 45444. Checked again and found news in English in progress at 0903, but SINPO deteriorated to 43433 because of interference from China Business Radio that appears here at 0900.
Audio recording (160 kB, at 0904)

7260 Mongolian Radio, 2nd program, 0842, comments in Russian by female voice about corruption in various Mongolian political parties, month of Mongolian-Russian friendship, performance of Russian/Soviet songs on Mongolian stages, etc. 34433. At 0855 returned to the frequency, but Russian announcer has already passed the mike to Mongolian speaker.
Audio recording 1 (527 kB, in Russian)
Audio recording 2 (178 kB, time signal and IDs in Mongolian at 0900)

7275 Xinjiang PBS (China), 0840, in Uighur. Folk music, female comments. 55444.

7330 Voice of Russia, 0808, in English, 24332. Transmitter in Khabarovsk. Opera fragments and presenter's comments all the way until 0832 and further on (is it not too much for a single radio feature?)

7330 female voice, 0938, very, very weak. Was it Radiostantsiya Tikhiy Okean??? Parallel 5960 kHz wa completely silent.

7340 Xinjiang PBS (China), 0754, female talk in Kazakh, 45444.
Audio recording (251 kB)

7345 Radio Rossii, 0833, talks in studio. 32432, transmitter in Yakutsk. Badly interfered by Xinjiang on 7340 kHz.

7455 WYFR, 0804, male voice in English, 13321. Suffered from local Morse communications. Broadcast for North America from Okeechobee, USA.

7540 WEWN, 0802, a tiny female voice, in Spanish for Latin America (according to schedule). 15221.
Audio recording (123 kB)

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